About Us

  • Just over an year ago, we have started this website with few employees with the passion of providing valuable educational and career paths globally. Simple Vidya, which itself describes that the Vidya - Studies/Knowledge, or a path to Vidya is made Simple.

    There are a few websites which are built based on schools/colleges/universities/jobs/consultancies and so on individually, but do we have them all at one place ? Well, that’s our inspiration to start this website, a typical repository where everything about the education and career is stored at one shot.

    This is the place, where an individual can find a perfect School, College, University, Company, Job according to his/her requirement, and every current information on Education/Careers is captured through our Blogs.

    For every Student, Career is the most priority and it decides the life. So, here we enable the right decision for every student, each time in choosing the right Institutions and Careers all over the world.

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