• 20Apr,2018

    Amazon Launches a ‘lite’ android web browser app in India :

    According to the reports of TechCrunch, E-commerce giant Amazon has quietly launched a web browser for Android devices in India and it has the rather generic name of: “Internet: fast, lite and private” on Google Play, and promises to be “lighter than the competition” -  doesn't occupy much storage space on a user's device and does not collect private data like other browsers.

    According to data from app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower, this browser/app first appeared on the Play Store in March, and has fewer than 1,000 downloads. Amazon has not officially announced the launch of the browser and its existence was first reported by TechCrunch on Wednesday.

    "Internet browser is lighter than the competition. This means more storage to download the latest videos and music from your favourite sites. Get new features regularly, with updates so small you may even decide to download them with your data plan," reads the description for the browser on the Play Store.

    Amazon did not respond to queries regarding the Internet browser until this time.

    Like most ‘lite’ apps,  the size of 'Internet' app is only 2MB. That’s much smaller than other browsers, including Chrome (21MB), Edge (54.5MB), Firefox (19.9MB) and Opera (14.7MB), according to an analysis by appFigures. The feature stricken apps are built to appeal to users of low-end devices who encounter slow internet speeds and buy smaller sachets of data from providers.

    One of the major features Amazon is trying to highlight with its browser is that it is private, claiming that it does not ask for any permissions like other browsers and does not collect private data. Like many other browsers, Internet also has private browsing which will not save web pages visited in their history. plus other features like tab previews, an automatic full-screen mode and integrated news reader of sorts. The description of the app shows that the homepage of the browser will be populated by cricket, entertainment and news from top sources.

    While TechCrunch notes that the browser is available only in India currently, it seems that the product could have been built exclusively for users in the country.

    However, this isn't Amazon's first browser for the Android platform. The company has its Silk browser that runs on its Kindle tablets, but that app isn't available on the Amazon app store in India. Internet could be part of Amazon's larger strategy to customise its offerings for its users in the country.

    Source : techgig.com


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