• 25Apr,2018

    USCIS Considers Ending Work Authorization on H4 ?


    The spouses of H-1B workers, the H4 EAD community has expressed their strong sentiments on the internet saying that they are “shaken” and “disappointed”  by the Trump administration’s signals. There may be a robust pushback if the changed policy does not consider the feedback from their community.

    According to the reports of Firstpost, USCIS has indicated that the Donald Trump government is firmly on the path to proposing an end to work authorization for spouses of H1B workers in America. The case file is now lying with Department of Homeland Security, widely understood to have 100% alignment with Trump's “Buy American Hire American policy”.

    Donald Trump government’s agenda to increase the local hiring is likely to affect foreign workers across the nation.The H-1B community is quite strong in the US. If all of them unite and lobby against the Trump government, there will be a number of lawsuits against the government’s decision.  The American presidents are falling back on executive orders which can lead to lawsuits from the opponent for a long time. Even the H-1B visa was born of bipartisan consensus in the late 90s.

    Anirban Das from Skilled Immigration, an advocacy group in the US said, “If USCIS change the H4 EAD rule without taking into consideration each and every comment that comes in and fail to respond to our defense of the H4 EAD, you can be sure of lawsuits.”

    Das also added, “Unemployment has been at its lowest in years so it’s impossible that an insignificant percentage of the population is taking jobs away from Americans. If that were true, then there would be a crisis for every college graduate in America.”

    From the H-1B, E4 supporting community, the social media is full of criticizing posts. The spouses of H-1B visa have expressed their hurdles that came from US policy changes. The H-1B holders will have to manage the household from a single source of income, even if the H4 visa holder has more education and skills, If the H4 visa provision ends.

    The husband of a New York-based H-1B worker said, “We’re sick and tired of the numbers being used against us. They say they have issued 104,000 or more H4 EADs in the last three years but are unwilling to reveal how many of those are simply renewals and how many are new entrants. The minute that data is known, the economic case against the H4 EAD is dead.”


    Source : Firstpost and techgig


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